David’s story
I was born in Los Angeles, CA. My parents split when I was 4 and we moved to New York. I never grew up in church nor sought after the church. I always new God was real but I did not think he liked me because of how difficult was my childhood. At 10 years old I went to an Easter play about Jesus going to the cross and I could not understand why Jesus would do that for me? I felt God’s presence and for the first time in my life and gave my heart to Christ. Over the next 14 years I fought with God and tried to do things my way. Eventually I got to a place where I was tired of making a mess for my life. God showed me my life from his perspective. In that moment I declared for the rest of my life I would follow his will. God has been guiding ever since that day.
What can we find you doing on your days off?
You can find me going on a kayak trip, watching YouTube videos or studying the Bible and Theology.
Something most people would be surprised to learn about you?
My dream was to be a pilot as a kid but as God called me elsewhere that dream has not faded. I took my first flight at 16 years old and was hooked ever since. My dream now is to someday own my own small private plane and travel around the country.
Something that when you think about it it makes you go “hmmmmmm”
What will be that day like when I finally meet Jesus? “I can only imagine”.