LC3 is how we do church here at Relevant. It's more than a mantra, it's a way of ministry. The foundation of everything we do is understanding that we should love Christ because He first loved us. We understand that He created us with specific talents and dreams and that we all fit into the culture and the church in our own unique way. From there, we know it is our privilege to find a role and serve in the church. But maybe the best news of all is that it doesn't stop there. We want to take what God has given us and give it back to our community in every way possible. That's why Loving Community is such an important piece of what we do at Relevant. We'd love to show you more about this way of doing ministry. Sign up for a Belong class.

Love Christ | Love Church | Love Community

LC3 is the DNA of Relevant Church. Everything we do, everything focus on, and everything that we invest in accomplishes the goal of LC3


Love Christ is the first and most important part of LC3. When we understand who Jesus is, and how He loves us and created us to love Him, our purpose as Christ-followers begins to take shape. In this LC3 class you will learn more about what faith in Jesus means for your life, and how you can grow in your faith every day.

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Jesus loves the local church, so we think we should too! Once you have taken the first steps on your journey with Christ, we want you to learn more about how you are wired and how you can use your talents to love the church.

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Relevant Church loves its community. Because of that, we believe it is our privilege to reach out and serve wherever God opens doors. Jesus teaches us to not only care for those in our local community, but to love and serve people both nationally and globally. We believe God calls each of us to live life “on mission” and we offer many different opportunities for you to jump in and start making a difference. Check out a few of them below!

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At Relevant, our desire is that every person experience what it means to live life to the fullest as a follower of Jesus. We believe this is accomplished through a three-step discipleship process that we call LC3 – Love Christ, Love Church, and Love Community. In just 2 hours, you will learn Pastor Paul's story, our mission statement and have delicious meal.

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